Translation Service

Have a text translated into Dutch

At Exalo Media you can have a text translated into Dutch. We support 100 languages ​​including Swahili, Maltese, Romanian and Norwegian.

Have Texts Translated To Dutch

Would you like to have a text translated? Exalo Media Translates from 100 languages to Dutch. With this portfolio of languages we can help almost every client. And all that at a competitive rate. Please, keep reading for more information.

Professional texts

We can handle all subjects: jargon, adult, etc. If you want to translate it to Dutch, we can arrange it.

Subject-oriented content

Web texts or e-books? Do you have content for a target audience that needs a Dutch translation?


Do you have document that consists of several pages? We are happy to translate it to Dutch for you.

100 Languages

We support the translation from 100 source languages to Dutch.

Clear pricing upfront

Our rates are very clear:
€50,- + 10 cents per word.

.po Translation

We also translate themes and plugins for WordPress into Dutch.

Overview of Source Languages

In this overview we show which language the source file can be. We only translate into Dutch from these languages.

Before we accept the assignment, we would like to receive the source file. We use this to investigate the feasibility and determine the quotation and time indication.

What can we translate?

Does your company have an attractive brochure and would you like a translation into the Dutch language? When translating brochures into Dutch, Exalo Media can provide affordable translations.

Do you have a brochure or manual that consists of several pages and also has images or a layout? We can also translate that for you.

However, adopting a document layout or house style has an additional cost.


What is the procedure for translating texts?

We prefer to receive the document in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .PDF, .odt. We will convert any other format to one of these formats so that our translators can use it. An exception to this is a .po file. This is a language file of a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin.

These are the steps we take to get to the result:

  1. You contact us by e-mail to pass on your wishes and send the source file. The address is We always treat our client’s file(s) confidentially.
  2. We review the source file and report back to you by email. We will provide a quote if necessary. Our price calculation is: €50,- plus €0.10 per word. This applies to all languages, from African to Vietnamese.
  3. If you agree with the quote, you will receive the invoice. After receipt of the invoice payment, we start with the assignment.

Text Translation FAQ

You may have some questions about having your texts translated by Exalo Media. Below you will find a short FAQ with the most common questions about translations. If your question is not listed, please contact us via


We use a fixed price for every translation:

€50,- plus €0,10 per word.

A 1000 word text will cost you:
(1000 * €0,10) + €50 = €150

All rates are ex VAT. We can reverse charge the salestax if you have a registration number.

That depends on the complexity of the text, the length of the text, whether we also have to adopt the formatting and layout and perhaps on more factors.

We always state in our quotation how much time we think we need. However, it is an indication so don’t pin us down on the day accurately.


No, we don’t have those.

There are various ISO certifications for translation agencies:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 17100:2015 – a quality guarantee

We can imagine that in some cases it is wiser to hire an ISO-certified translation agency. The moment you have a text translated into a language that you do not speak, you cannot check the quality.

This is not the case at Exalo Media, because we only translate into Dutch and not into other languages. Until now, all our customers have also mastered the Dutch language.

If Dutch is difficult for you and you want a guarantee of quality while you cannot check it yourself, then it is probably more sensible for you to choose a translation agency other than Exalo Media.


You don’t know.

There are many translation agencies in the Netherlands and some are better and more reliable than others.

To guarantee quality, we only translate into Dutch, our mother tongue. The translation is done by someone with an educational background (MBO) and if you work in education, making spelling mistakes is really not done.

Do you find it exciting to have a 10-page document translated? We can also split it into separate pieces and always translate a few pages and present them to you. Of course we would like to work with you on this.

However, you have also read on this page that the invoice must be paid in advance before we can start with the assignment. That is to protect our business. We can discuss how we can deal with this together in case of splitting the source document.

For every challenge there is a solution, right?

Assignments that we cannot accept, are:

  • legal documents
  • medical documents
  • literary documents

For such types of documents, we recommend that you hire an ISO-certified.

That’s a very long list. The assignments that can be accepted are for example:

  • web texts
  • ebooks
  • manuals
  • brochures
  • annual reports
  • Terms and Conditions
  • privacy policy
  • etc.

This list can be endless. We recommend that you contact us first: Send us the source file accompanied with a description of the wishes. We will then answer with the options, time indication and a quotation.